It's no secret that achieving good health requires eating a healthy diet.  You know what they say "Garbage In, Garbage Out".  It might sound cliche, but there is more truth to it than people realize.  The average adult human body has 37 trillion cells... and those cells are completely replaced every 3-7 seven years.  That means your body replaces approximately 14.5 billion cells EVERY DAY.  That is why good nutrition is not only important, but it is ESSENTIAL!


Where Do I Start?

Proper nutrition starts with eating REAL FOOD- fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts, seeds, meat, fish, dairy and so forth. As author Michael Pollan says, "Don't eat anything your great-grandmother wouldn't recognize as food." (By the way, his book In Defense of Food is a great read. I highly recommend it!)  TCR Chiropractic promotes a liberal low carbohydrate, high protein/ fat diet.  The goal is to eat 75-125 grams of carbohydrate per day and filling in the rest with healthy fats and protein. 

That means staying away from refined and significantly processed foods.  The majority of calories consumed in America are carbohydrates and it is the over consumption of carbohydrate that is the leading cause of obesity and weight related problems.  It's important to be careful about liquid calories as well.  Storebought juice has little to no nutritional value, it's simply more sugar in your diet-- just like soda and sports drinks.


Eating REAL FOOD and eliminating junk will address 80% of the problems that most people face.  However, there is another aspect worth considering- nutritional supplements.

Why Supplements?

Supplements exist to enhance or add value to your diet.  They are not designed to replace REAL FOOD.  Supplements are helpful to fill in holes in our diet due to eating constraints, palette restrictions and to boost health & performance.


Eating constraints- It can be hard to keep fresh food around if you don't have a refigerator available throughout your day.  Perhaps your work/life schedule keeps you busy or away from home and you can't bring an adequate amount of food for your day.  In this case a protein bar, meal replacement bar or shake may come in handy to keep you fed and supplied with proper nutrition.


Palette restrictions- Perhaps your taste buds leave a gap in your diet when it comes to eating healthy. For example, it's hard to get enough omega-3 in your diet if you don't like eating fish.  Essential vitamins and minerals can be left out simply because you don't enjoy the foods that contain them.  Supplements are helpful to overcome these types of deficiencies.


Boosting health & performance- Chances are you're not eating enough protein to optimally recover from your exercise regimen.  Did you know that cross country runners need as much protein as football players?  Recommendations for active populations range from 1-2 grams of protein per kilogram (2.2 pounds) of bodyweight.  Body builders and weightlifters have needs as high as 1-2 grams per pound of bodyweight.  Or you may be stuck in a performance plateau and are looking for en adge to reach new heights.  There are a range of performance enhancing supplements that are safe and legal that can help you reach your goals.