TCR Chiropractic Exercise and Rehab


Having difficulty remembering the stretches and exercises Dr. Deevers gave you in the office?  Have no fear, we've got you covered!   Don't forget, an exercise a day keeps the pain away!!



  • Chin tucks (for Deep Cervical Flexors)

  • Lateral Flexion and Extension


Upper Back


  • Rowing exercises (for Rhomboids)

  • Y, W, and T exercises on an exercise ball (for posterior Deltoid & Rhomboid)

  • Push-Up Plus exercise (for Serratus Anterior)




  • Pec major and minor stretch

  • Push-up exercise (for Pectorals)




  • Internal and External Rotation exercises (for Rotator Cuff)

  • Pendulum Swings (for acute shoulder pain or post surgery)

  • Finger Walk up Wall (to improve ROM with acute shoulder pain)


Low Back/ Hips/ Core


  • Bodyweight Squat exercise (for glutes, quads

  • Glute Bridge exercise

  • Glute / Piriformis stretch

  • Front and Side Planks exercises (for abdominals)

  • Superman exercise (for thoracic & lumbar paraspinals)

  • Knee to Chest stretch (for lumbar paraspinals)

  • Hip Flexor stretch (for Psoas)

  • QL stretch

  • Hip Hikes exercise (for QL)




  • IT Band stretch

  • Quad stretch

  • Groin stretch (for Adductors)

  • Hamstring stretch

  • Calf stretch (for Gastrocnemius and Soleus)


Foot/ Ankle


  • Ankle ABC exercise (to improve ROM and with acute ankle sprains)

  • Proprioception exercise (for ankle instability and balance control)