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Having difficulty remembering the stretches and exercises Dr. Aaron Young DC gave you in the office?  Have no fear, we've got you covered!  Just follow the link to our YouTube channel where you can watch videos demonstrating these chiropractic exercises.  Don't forget, an exercise a day keeps the pain away!!



  • Chin tucks (for Deep Cervical Flexors)

  • Lateral Flexion and Extension


Upper Back


  • Rowing exercises (for Rhomboids)

  • Y, W, and T exercises on an exercise ball (for posterior Deltoid & Rhomboid)

  • Push-Up Plus exercise (for Serratus Anterior)




  • Pec major and minor stretch

  • Push-up exercise (for Pectorals)




  • Internal and External Rotation exercises (for Rotator Cuff)

  • Pendulum Swings (for acute shoulder pain or post surgery)

  • Finger Walk up Wall (to improve ROM with acute shoulder pain)


Low Back/ Hips/ Core


  • Bodyweight Squat exercise (for glutes, quads

  • Glute Bridge exercise

  • Glute / Piriformis stretch

  • Front and Side Planks exercises (for abdominals)

  • Superman exercise (for thoracic & lumbar paraspinals)

  • Knee to Chest stretch (for lumbar paraspinals)

  • Hip Flexor stretch (for Psoas)

  • QL stretch

  • Hip Hikes exercise (for QL)




  • IT Band stretch

  • Quad stretch

  • Groin stretch (for Adductors)

  • Hamstring stretch

  • Calf stretch (for Gastrocnemius and Soleus)


Foot/ Ankle


  • Ankle ABC exercise (to improve ROM and with acute ankle sprains)

  • Proprioception exercise (for ankle instability and balance control)